PhD opportunity at Diamond Light Source

An exciting PhD opportunity in the group of Martin Walsh at Diamond and at that of Tracey Gloster in St. Andrews University is available. The stipend is competitive ~€2000/month net and all fees are covered. If you could advertise this opportunity more widely to students in Milan that are interested in structural biology that would be great! 

The project is centred on sialic acid uptake and utilization in bacteria. At Diamond the student will be embedded in our group within the Research complex at Harwell where we have state-of-the-art instruments and methodology for integral membrane protein structural biology – i.e., we work with MPL/contribute to new methodology for IMP research and sample prep for MX and cryoEM. At St. Andrews Tracy Gloster’s lab has extensive experience in enzyme assays working in carbohydrate utilization. 

The student will be embedded with the structural biology groups/labs at Diamond having access to all relevant structural biology beamlines (MX/BIOSAXS), CryoEM, our state-of-art wet labs with emphasis on production of Integral membrane proteins for structural studies at MPL and associated biophysical characterisation e.g., ITC, SPR, creoptix-wave, Fidabio (Fida 1), nanotemper Prometheus to name just a few of the specialized biophysical instrumentation available…

More details and how to apply:

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