Introduction to the articles of the section History of AIC

In the year 2007, the AIC, on its 40th anniversary, nominated a Committee for coordinating a collection of writings on the history of the Association. Thanks to the work of Elio Cannillo (Coordinator), Silvio Cerrini, Angiola Chiesi Villa, Giuseppe Filippini, Carlo Paorici e Paola Spadon, many of the events that lead to the birth of the Association (in 1967) and its subsequent developments are now witnessed by this web page. In fact the initiatives of various member are now witnessed in a series of articles produced by members of the committee and other volunteers like Angelo Gavezzotti, and others.
The call for contributions to reconstruct hystorical facts is still open and other AIC Italian members, but also foreign friends are invited to share here their historical memory. The new contributions should not necessarily be in the format but of an article, but documents, pictures and more may be well accepted. Hopefully, there will be enough material to print a volume on the history of the AIC.