Biological Macromolecules Section

The purpose of the AIC Section on Biological Macromolecules (BMM) is to further the advancement of all aspects and applications of crystallographic techniques, and of single particle cryo-EM, to proteins, nucleic acids and their complexes, while promoting communication between AIC members active or interested in the variate developments of these fields.

The aim of the BMM web-page is to connect the structural biology and crystallographic groups in Italy to the main European facilities, to the forthcoming meetings and courses, suppliers, employment opportunities and to specialized or generally useful software packages. We also aim to foster discussion and exchange of ideas, materials, and promote collaboration between groups.

Nothing of this kind happens without the continuous and careful contributions of the community, which is invited to contribute with news, ideas, offers, etc. This is particularly valuable in Italy, where the structural biology groups are located in quite diverse Departments and scientific environments, and may be relatively under-dimensioned. We aim to help all through these pages and the associated information flow.

All constructive suggestions for improving our communication are very welcome. Please let us know what you would like to see in this page and contribute to it!


Coordination Board

BERISIO RITA – Coordinator

POZZI Cecilia

ILARI Andrea

Marina Mapelli