Happy GCI Hour: June 2023

19 June 2023 18:00 CEST

Martina Lippi

Structure-property relationships in API-based multicomponent crystals

Developing multicomponent crystals, including cocrystals and salts, is one of the main strategies employed to alter the physicochemical (e.g. solubility, hydration stability, melting point), pharmacokinetic (e.g. permeability, bioavailability) and mechanical (e.g. flowability, tabletability, compressibility) properties of Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs). Understanding such alteration through an in-depth structural analysis is functional to achieve an appropriate design for novel solid forms. In this talk I will report the close relationship between the structural features of novel pharmaceutical multicomponent crystals and their improved physicochemical properties.

Simone Margheri

Incorporation of heavy metals within the pyrochlore structure

The crystal structure of pyrochlore consists of a rigid octahedral framework defining tunnel shape microporosities in which a wide range of cations can be hosted and exchanged. In this webinar I will discuss the ability of pyrochlore to incorporate heavy metals such thallium and lead, devoting particular attention to the incorporation mechanisms and the effects on the crystal structure brought on by the ionic exchange.

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