GCI talks to…

GCI TALKS TO… A series of video interviews on different topics with expert crystallographers produced by the Italian Young Crystallographers (GCI). Follow us also on Twitter @GCI_AIC. The first video dedicated to Prof. Mazzi is a showreel of the interviews we recorded from some of the eminent crystallographers who worked with him.

We thank AIC for funding the whole series on the initiative “Progetti di divulgazione delle Scienze Cristallografiche” funded by the “fondo Mazzi” in 2020. This is why we wanted to acknowledge Prof. Mazzi, cofounder and first president of AIC, with this first video of the series published at 1 year from the memorial organized by the Unversity of Pavia.

We thanks also all the member of AIC who contributed to the video series, without their contribution the video series would not be possible: the member of the GCI board Paolo Mazzeo, Giorgia Confalonieri, Marta Morana and Andrea Giaccherini; and Federica Bertolotti, Stefano Canossa, Mauro Coduri, Davide Comboni, Gregorio dal Sasso, Riccardo Fantini, Carlotta Giacobbe, Arianna Lanza, Daniele Moscheni, Emanuele Priola, Stefano Racioppi, Giusi Tassone. All the videos will be released under Creative Commons so it will possible to distribute, edit and make other contents should cite the source according to the license (CC).