Become a member

The fee for the annual membership is:

€ 20,00 for persons under 35
€ 35,00 for persons who are 35 or over in the year of the subscription
€ 150,00 for public or private organizations.

Retired members can receive a free honorary membership that maintains them in the association but thus not provide the right of voting at the AIC general assembly. To vote is necessary to pay the regular fee.

Money transfer can be made through the following bank coordinates:

Account owner: Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia

Bank: Intesa Sanpaolo
Address: Filiale di Via C. Battisti,16-B, I-27100 Pavia (Italy)
IBAN: IT14P0306911328100000000235

(reason for payment: “Family name, name, AIC Registration YEAR 20XX”)

New AIC members need to be presented by at least two old members of the Association.

One of the following documents can be downloaded for applying to a new membership

Registration form.doc (Revision 25.7.2016)