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Job opening for a crystallographer @ ELDICO Scientific, the Electron Diffraction Company

Cari soci,

inoltro il seguente annuncio per una posizione aperta presso ELDICO Scientific, una nuova startup con base a Villigen (CH).


To start on February 1st 2021 as a permanent assignment, we are looking for an experienced small molecule crystallographer, with knowledge of X-ray devices, synchrotron facilities and with a passion for promoting the electron diffractometer in the fields of science and industry.
Last year, Dr. Gustavo Santiso-Quinones, Dr. Gunther Steinfeld, Dr. Eric Hovestreydt and Nils Gebhardt founded the start-up company ELDICO Scientific. ELDICO stands for the Electron Diffraction Company.
It emerged from a ground-breaking scientific publication on electron diffraction, which was nominated as Breakthrough of the Year by SCIENCE magazine in 2018. Electron diffraction and the electron diffractometer constitute a disruptive technology that will fundamentally change the way research is conducted at the nano-crystalline level. This will have a major impact in science as well as in the pharmaceutical, agrochemical, chemical and advanced materials industries.

With best regards
Dr. Eric Hovestreydt
Founder / CEO
Director of Sales