Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography (HTCC4)

Cari tutti,

di seguito le informazioni riguardanti il prossimo workshop “Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography (HTCC4)” che si terrà a Dubrovnik (Croazia), dal 1° al 6 ottobre 2019 e sarà dedicato all biologia strutturale.


Registration and bursary applications are now open for the Hot Topics in Contemporary Crystallography 4 – Structural biology, to be held in the mythic city of Dubrovnik (Croatia) from Oct. 1st to 6th, 2019. Over four intensive days, four genuinely HOT topics which go beyond classical biomolecular crystallography, yet complement it smoothly, will be tackled in-depth: free electron lasers, cryo-EM, NMR in macromolecular research and in silico simulations. All the details on the workshop (registration, bursaries, accommodation, venue, travel and commercial partnership) are just a click away. We are very much looking forward to host you in Dubrovnik later this year.