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Crystal Growth Webinars

Dear Colleagues,

As you already know, the Italian Crystal Growth – Crystal growth: from Theory to Application Conference (www.icg2020.net) has been postponed to 16-17 December 2021.

In the meanwhile, we are glad to invite you and your collaborators to participate in the “Waiting for ICG2021” webinars which are scheduled for the incoming October, the 1st and 2nd.

The first seminar

“Reflection Electron Microscopy: crystal growth and phase transitions on vicinal Si(111) surfaces”

will be held by Prof. Bogdan Ranguelov from the Institute of Physical Chemistry of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences.

The second one

“Mimicking nature in order to design better materials: from biomineralization fundamentals to biomimetic materials”

will be held by Prof. Elisa Boanini from the Chemistry Department of the University of Bologna

Further information on timetables and links to join the webinars will follow.

The Organizing Committee of ICG2020 Conference

Linda Pastero
Marco Bruno