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3 years research assistant position for masters or junior postdocs – University of Bolzano

Cari soci,
vi segnalo questo annuncio per una posizione presso l’Università libero di Bolzano per un giovane postdoc o un laureato. Il bando scade il 9 settembre.


Dear All,

We have no internal candidates for the following position suitable either for a researcher with a MSc or a junior postdoc with experience in protein purification and possibly protein crystallization and crystallography.

The project:
Siderophore mediated iron uptake in Erwinia amylovora and Aspergillus fumigatus. Towards new strategies in plant and human health. (SupErA)
The project is in collaboration with Professor Hubertus Haas, Medical University Innsbruck, and Professor Sheref Mansy, University of Trento.

The project aims at the structural and functional characterization of proteins and enzymes involved in iron uptake in both the bacterial and fungal systems.

Links with information on how to apply are at the following links



forms to apply:

Bolzano is located in the north of Italy at the border with Austria (2 hours train from Innsbruck Austria, 30’ from Trento, Italy).

For informal enquiries (and scientific questions!) do not hesitate to contact me

some background information on one of the system to study could be found in this publication:

deadline for application is 09/09/2019

Stefano Benini, Ph.D. Assistant Professor
Bioorganic chemistry and Bio-Crystallography laboratory (B2Cl)
Faculty of Science and Technology – “Free” University of Bolzano
Piazza Università, 5 – 39100 Bolzano, Italy