Upgrade di Elettra

Dear Colleagues,

during the conference materials.it 2018 (eventi.cnism.it/materials2018, Bologna 22 – 26 October 2018) a special session will be devoted to “Elettra 2.0”, on Wednesday October 24th afternoon. In fact, after more than 20 years of successful operation, the Elettra synchrotron radiation facility (www.elettra.eu) has obtained funding from MIUR for a significant upgrade program (http://www.elettra.eu/lightsources/elettra/elettra-2-0.html?showall=). The upgrade will provide a significant increase in the beam brilliance and coherence while the decrease of the pulse length to the ps time scale is also being discussed. In parallel with the machine upgrade, an upgrade program of beamlines, including the ones operated by CNR, is needed.

The special session at the materials.it conference will be a unique opportunity for all the materials science community to discuss the most interesting scientific areas which could exploit at best Elettra 2.0.

Presentations by the Elettra management and by colleagues involved in CNR beamlines in Trieste are planned. We now call on all the materials science community working in Italy and elsewhere to put forward scientific and instrument proposals for new and/or upgraded beamlines at Elettra 2.0.
Please contact us for any information and if you wish to make a presentation.

Federico Boscherini (federico.boscherini@unibo.it) and Alberto Morgante (morgante@iom.cnr.it),
Session chairpersons