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Mineralogia – Università degli Studi di Milano

Dipartimento di Scienze della Terra
Sezione di Mineralogia
Università degli Studi di Milano
Via Botticelli 23
I-20133 Milano

Local contact: diego.gatta@unimi.it

Web Site: http://www.gp.terra.unimi.it/

Keywords:: mineral-physics, high-pressure/high-temperature mineralogy-petrology, microporous materials, waste disposal materials, gemology, ore-minerals.

Research activities

Laboratories at the department and research activities

1) X-ray single-crystal diffraction: Structure analysis at room and high-pressure, Equations of State, Elastic properties of minerals;
2) X-ray powder diffraction: High resolution powder diffraction, qualitative and quantitative analyses, structural refinements with the Rietveld method, in-situ high temperature experiments;
3) Electron Crystallography Lab (TEM): Structure analysis, structure solution, precession electron diffraction, intergrowth, exsolution, interfaces, defects;
4) Electron Microprobe Lab: Chemical and textural analyses on Earth materials, chemical and textural characterization on metals and alloys, steels, ceramics composites, and other artificial materials;
5) X-ray fluorescence lab;
6) FT-IR lab;
7) Experimental Petrology Lab: High-pressure/High-temperature experiments (with single stage piston cylinder, end-loaded piston cylinder and multianvil press) on Earth materials and ceramic composites