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Bando AR università di Bolzano

Cari soci,

vi inoltro questa comunicazione su un bando presso l’università di Bolzano per un assegno di ricerca da parte del socio Stefano Benini.


A grant for a year renewable for a further year is available in the “Bioorganic Chemistry and Bio-Crystallography laboratory” of the Free University of Bolzano, to work on the structural and functional characterization of enzymes (e.g., double bond reductases, UDP-glucosyltransferases) from Malus. domestica

The call is available at the following URL:

The project ExPoApple2 (EUREGIO IPN) – Exploring the potential of apple dihydro-chalcones is in collaboration with Dr Stefan Martens (Fondazione Edmund Mach) and Professor Hermann Stuppner (University of Innsbruck)

informal enquiries could be sent to:
Benini Stefano Stefano.Benini@unibz.it

Stefano Benini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor