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Cryo-EM School2017 in Pavia: Deadline Extended, but few places remaining

Dear all,
Few places are still available for the AIC School “Bridging the gap between
Cryo-EM and Crystallography”. http://www.cristallografia.org/aicschool2017

We have decided to extend the bursary registration deadline until May 30th,
2017. We wish to remind applicants that have received official sponsorship
from the International Union for Crystallography (IUCr) which allows us to
offer travel bursaries and awards to outstanding participants based on their
CV and motivation letters.

This school will offer the opportunity to young researchers in biochemistry
or structural biology at the PhD/postdoctoral level to approach the
fundamental questions arising from the cryo-EM experiment setup. Central
topics will include evaluation sample suitability for analysis and its
preparation, choice of appropriate instrumentation for single particle,
tomography or electron diffraction approaches, data processing and
interpretation of results. A showcase of recent results will contour the
tutorial sessions.

We are confident that this event will be an excellent opportunity for many
scientists who want to approach and learn the basics of cryo-electron

For information, program and registration details please visit
http://www.cristallografia.org/aicschool2017. More specific enquiries can be
discussed via e-mail to my address or to aicschool@cristallografia.org

We look forward to hosting you in Pavia and discuss about Cryo-EM in September.
On behalf of all school organizers,
Very best wishes,

Federico Forneris, PhD
The Armenise-Harvard Laboratory of Structural Biology
Dept. Biology and Biotechnology
University of Pavia
Via Ferrata, 9
I-27100 Pavia – ITALY