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AICS2017 Program

Download the final program and book of abstracts

Sunday, Sept 3rd, 2017
16:00-17:45 – Participant registration and accommodation check-in
17:45-18:00 – Welcome by Organizing Committee
18:00-19:00 – OPENING LECTURE (Chair: A. Mattevi):
                       Werner Kuhlbrandt (MPI Frankfurt)
                       Membrane protein complexes and the resolution revolution in cryoEM
19:00-20:30 – Welcome Party

Monday, Sept 4th, 2017
09:00-09:40 – Tillmann Pape (Imperial, UK)
                       THEORY: Introduction to cryo-electron microscopy: from biological                        sample to 3D structure – the beauty of cryo-EM
09:40-10:25 – Paolo Swuec (University of Milano, IT)
                       REAL LIFE: Overview of Sample Preparation for Single-particle EM
10:25-10:55 – Frederic Leroux (Leica Microsystems)
                       Frozen in milliseconds, but what’s next?
10:55-11:20 – Coffee Break
11:20-12:00 – Marta Carroni (SciLife Lab, SE)
                       THEORY: Electron microscope architecture and image formation
12:00-12:30 – Max Maletta (FEI)
                       Single particle screening and data acquisition made easy

12:30-14:00 – Lunch

14:00-14:40- Fabrizio Martino (CIB Madrid, ES)
                       REAL LIFE: Theory to Practice: Grid preparation
14:40-15:30 – Arjen J. Jakobi (EMBL Heidelberg, DE)
                       THEORY: Fundamentals of cryo-EM image processing
15:30-16:00 – Andy Jarwood (JEOL)
                       Introduction to a New Cryo-TEM generation and associated techniques
16:00-16:30 – Coffee Break
16:30-17:10 – Fabrizio Martino (CIB Madrid, ES)
                       REAL LIFE: Low cost cryo-EM… the Madrid example
16:30-17:10 – Marta Carroni (SciLife Lab, SE)
                       REAL LIFE: Different mechanisms but conserved functions: AAA+
                       protein activity control studied by cryo-EM at various resolutions
17:10-18:00 – Discussion, Q&A

Tuesday, Sept 5th, 2017
09:00-09:40 – Christoph A. Diebolder (NeCEN, NL)
                       THEORY AND REAL LIFE: Cryo electron tomography part I: Concepts
                       and practical considerations for sample preparation and data collection
09:40-10:20 – Mauro Gemmi (IIT Pisa, IT)
                       THEORY: Electron Diffraction Tomography of Protein Nanocrystals
10:20-10:50 – Sacha De Carlo (DECTRIS)
                       Detector technologies for high-resolution TEMs
10:50-11:20 – Coffee Break
11:20-12:05 – Selected young speaker:
                       Jérôme Bürgi (EMBL Hamburg)
                       Towards the structural discovery of the peroxisomal translocation of
                       functional matrix proteins
12:05-12:30 – Selected young speaker:
                       Digant Nayak (NUS Singapore)
                       Structural basis for the indispensable role of a unique zinc finger motif
                       in LNX2 ubiquitination

12:30-14:00 – Lunch

14:00-14:40 – B. Tom Burnley (CCP-EM, STFC, UK)
                       THEORY: Atomic model building and refinement in CCP-EM
14:40-15:20 – Christoph A. Diebolder (NeCEN, NL)
                       THEORY: Cryo electron tomography part II: Software packages for data
                       acquisition, reconstruction and subvolume averaging
15:20-16:00 – Pablo Conesa (I2PC Madrid, ES)
                       THEORY & REAL LIFE: A software framework toward integration,
                       reproducibility and validation in 3D electron microscopy
16:00-16:30 – Coffee Break
16:30-17:10 – Arjen J. Jakobi (EMBL Heidelberg, DE)
                       THEORY & REAL LIFE: Building, refining and validating atomic models
                       in cryo-EM density maps
17:10-17:40 – Fabrizio Martino (CIB Madrid, ES)
                       REAL LIFE: Processing toolbox… one problem, many solutions

19:00-22:00 – Social Dinner

Wednedsay, Sept 6th, 2017
“BIOLOGY WITH CRYO-EM” (Chair:G. Zanotti)
09:00-09:40 – Filippo Mancia (Columbia University, US)
                       The Molecular Mechanisms Underlying Cellular Uptake of Vitamin A
09:40-10:20 – Alessandro Vannini (ICR London, UK)
                       Structural basis of RNA Polymerase III transcription initiation
10:20-11:00 – Arjen J. Jakobi (EMBL Heidelberg, DE)
                       Structural basis of selective autophagy receptor assemblies
11:00-11:30 – Coffee Break
11:30-11:55 – Selected young speaker:
                       Andrew Hedger (University of Queensland)
                       Introduction to protein filament characterisation
11:55-12:20 – Selected young speaker:
                       Ilaria Peschiera (CNB Madrid)
                       Deciphering the oligomerization role of the bacterial lipid rafts
                       scaffold protein by Cryo-EM

12:30-14:00 – Lunch

“CRYO-EM FACILITIES” (Chair: M. Bolognesi)
14:00-14:25 – Martin Walsh (Diamond eBIC, UK)
                       Integrating cryo-EM at Diamond…
                       Challenges, benefits and opportunities
14:25-14:50 – Guy Schoehn (IBS Grenoble, FR)
                       Current and future state of the EPN cryoEM facility
14:50-15:15 – Marta Carroni (SciLife La, SE)
                       A Swedish facility for cryo-EM
15:15-15:40 – Paolo Swuec (University of Milano, IT)
                       Introducing the Cryo-Electron Microscopy Lab in Milan (CEMiL)
15:40-16:05 – Ludo Renault (NeCEN, NL)
                       Operations at NeCEN

16:05-16:30 – Coffee Break

16:30-18:30 – Social Program

18:30-19:30 – CLOSING LECTURE (Chair: F. Mancia):
                       Wayne Hendrickson (Columbia University, USA)
                       Electron Microscopy and X-ray Crystallography of
                       Ion Channels that Control Muscle Excitation

19:30-20:00 – Concluding Remarks