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Posto di dottorato presso CNR-ISTM e in collaborazione con Aarhus University (Denmark)

*PhD in DFT Modeling and Crystal Structure Prediction of high pressure
polymorphs, at the University of Milan (Italy), in partnership with
(Milan) and CMC (Denmark)*

Applications are invited for a 3-year PhD studentship to work in the
area of *high pressure physics* and*crystal structure prediction*.

The PhD position is in collaboration with the *Institute of Molecular
Science and Technologies* of the CNR (Milan, Italy) and with the *Center
for Materials Crystallography* (Aarhus, Denmark). The partnership
involves the theory group led by Dr. Davide Ceresoli and Dr. Carlo
Gatti, and collaboration with experimental groups of the CMC

The student will be working in a collaborative environment where
experiments and theory will be combined to understand and predict
materials structure at high pressure. Several visits and a few months
stay in Aarhus will be an essential part of the project. Participation
to experiments at world-class synchrotron facilities are also possible.

Specifically, this project will investigate the structural and
electronic properties (transport, topological, chemical bonding) of
crystalline materials as a function of pressure, or synthesized at high
pressures. Crystal Structure Prediction searches (with USPEX or similar
packages), will be performed to help the interpretation of experimental

The applicants should have a university degree in physics, chemistry,
materials science or equivalent. The selection will take place in May
2017, and the start date is October 1st, 2017.

Interested applicants should send their CV, a letter of motivation, and
the names and contact details of at least one academic referee,
to Davide Ceresoli (davide.ceresoli@cnr.it). The closing date for this position is
April 30, 2017.