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Fourth Tunisian Crystallographic Meeting (TCM4-2014)

Dear All,
On behalf of the Tunisian Crystallography Association (Association Tunisienne de Cristallographie), it is our great pleasure to invite you to participate on the Fourth Tunisian Crystallographic Meeting (TCM4-2014) which will be held during November 2-5 2014 at El Mouradi Djerba Menzel in the nice lotophage island of Djerba, in the South of Tunisia. For those who have never been in Tunisia, we would like to stress it is a charming country with a very long history of 20 centuries heritage from Phoenician, Roman, Christian, Berber and Islamic civilizations. This meeting provides an opportunity for young researchers to present their work, discuss about crystallography, physics, chemistry, biology, geology, and cooperation at national, regional or international levels.
We will be grateful for you if you would forward this message to those who may be interested in TCM4.
For registration and more information, please visit the website:
– www.TCM4.org
– www.tunicrystals.org
Best regards

Association Tunisienne de Cristallographie
Professeur Mohamed OUMEZZINE, Président.
Faculté des Sciences de Monastir
5019 Monastir – Tunisie.
Email: tunicrystal@gmail.com
Tel: 216 98 61 61 57
Fax: 216 73 501 786