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Call for Abstracts – AMAM-ICAM 2017

Dear colleague,

(apologies for cross-posting if you are on multiple mailing lists)

We take great pleasure in inviting you to submit an abstract to AMAM-ICAM 2017 session EP05 “Crystal Nucleation and Growth”, (http://www.scientevents.com/amam-icam2017/submitted-sessions/) before the deadline January 15th 2017.

The second “AMAM-ICAM” international conference will be held on 5-9 june, 2017 at Nova Yardinia Conference Centre – ( Castellaneta M.Taranto – ITALY).

AMAM-ICAM Conference 2017 comprises of the various topics related to the emerging trends and latest innovations in Applied Mineralogy and Advanced Materials (http://www.amam-icam2017.org).

The EP05 section is organized by Gennaro Ventruti and Ruggero Angelico. The goal is to share recent advancements and general knowledge related to crystallization processes in geological and biological environments, as well as in laboratory.

The abstract of the EP05 session is reported below:

“Crystal nucleation and growth Nature, quality, quantity, size and morphology of crystals grown in nature and laboratory are influenced by several parameters:
temperature, reactants concentration, presence of chemical
“impurities”, gas concentration, droplets, nanoparticles, microbes are
among them. Knowing and understanding how crystals nucleate and grow
both in geological and biological environments may provide the basis
for the design of novel materials.”

Please, share this email to other colleagues potentially interested in this topic.

Kind regards

Gennaro Ventruti (gennaro.ventruti@uniba.it), Department of Earth and Geoenvironmental Sciences (Bari-Italy)

Ruggero Angelico (angelico@unimol.it), Università del Molise