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Aperiodic Crystals at IUCr 2014

Dear Colleagues,

Please note that the deadline for early-bird registration to the 2014 IUCr meeting in Montreal is in less than a week. I urge you to register, and also to actively encourage your colleagues, students, postdocs, etc. to do the same. The meeting program has a great focus on aperiodic crystals and many other great topics.

Listed below are the Microsymposia and the Keynote lectures that are related to aperiodic crystals. You will see that there are 12 such Microsymposia and 5 keynote lectures — almost a conference within a
conference — so there should be plenty of talks and posters for all of us to attend, and also some free time to explore the beautiful city of Montreal. There will be a plenary lecture by Dan Shechtman, as well as the
Ewald Prize ceremony and lectures by Ted Janssen and Aloysio Janner. We also plan a 1-day workshop on aperiodic crystals (see link to the program
below) just before the meeting starts, and we are co-sponsoring a post-conference workshop on the role of magnetic symmetry in the description and determination of magnetic structures.

I encourage you all to come, and apologize if you receive this message more than once.

Luca Bindi, on behalf of the
Commission on Aperiodic Crystals of the IUCr

Microsymposia related to Aperiodic Crystals:

MS-02: Recent advances in quasicrystal research
MS-10: Chemistry and physics of modulated and composite crystals
MS-17: High-pressure crystallography of Periodic and Aperiodic Crystals
MS-26: Commensurate and incommensurate multiferroics and magnetoelectrics:
structure and properties
MS-33: Symmetry constraints in magnetic structure determination: experiment
and theory
MS-34: Crystals and beyond
MS-42: Diffuse scattering and partial disorder in complex structures
MS-51: Challenging macromolecular crystals: twinning, aperiodicity, and
low resolution
MS-57: Macromolecular and soft-matter aperiodic crystals
MS-66: Multiferroics and other multi-functional materials: synthesis,
properties and high-pressure behavior
MS-81: Pushing the boundaries of aperiodic magnetic & crystal structure
MS-105: Frustration, topology and chirality in metals and complex oxides.

Keynote lectures related to Aperiodic Crystals:

Marc de Boissieu: “Phonons and Phasons – From Modulated Structures to
Laurent Chapon: “Commensurate and Incommensurate Multiferroics: Structure
and Properties”
Marjorie Senechal: “Mathematical Crystallography in the Twenty First
Branton Campbell: “Irreducible Representations and Phase Transitions”
Juan Rodriguez-Carvajal: “Sixty Five Years of Magnetic Structures: Present
and Future of Magnetic Crystallography”

Useful links:

* Conference website – http://www.iucr2014.org/

* Program of the Workshop on Aperiodic Crystals –

* Conference registration –

* Ewald Prize –