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55th EHPRG 2017 Chair’s invitation

Dear High-Pressure Friends,

I am pleased to invite you to participate on 55th European High Pressure Research Group Meeting: High Pressure Science and Technology (55th EHPRG 2017), which will be held in 3-8 September 2017 in Poznan/Poland.

The EHPRG Meetings continue to be the leading forum for all high-pressure scientists in Europe and are one of the best known conferences worldwide for exchanging ideas, views and discussions on high-pressure science and technology.

Besides of being a beautiful city, Poznan is also one of main Polish historical, cultural, commercial and communication centers – you can read more at our website www.ehprg2017.org

Early registration deadline is 30 June 2017, so we encourage you to register before this date. You can check the conference program that is already placed on our website: http://www.ehprg2017.org/program

For more information download the 55th EHPRG poster www.bit.ly/EHPRG2017_poster and leaflet www.bit.ly/EHPRG2017_leaflet

We cordially invite you to come!

With kind regards,

Andrzej Katrusiak
55th EHPRG 2017 Chair