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Symposium Debye & Rietveld: A celebration

This year 2016 is a special year for diffraction.
It is 100 years ago that Peter Debye introduced powder diffraction and it is also 50 years ago that Hugo Rietveld introduced his method to refine crystal structures from these powder diffraction patterns. As both scientists are Dutch, we are organizing an international scientific symposium in the Netherlands to celebrate this 100+50 year event.
The symposium will take place on Thursday September 22nd at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam. Our Guest of Honour at the symposium will be Hugo Rietveld.
During the conference a variety of European speakers will address the history of the methods, the state-of-the-art in powder diffraction and the latest developments in the field.
We have recently released the conference poster, which can be downloaded here as a pdf file.


Please put it up in your lab, so all your colleagues and visitors can see it!
For the programme please check out the website:


The celebration at the Shell Technology Centre Amsterdam will include an exhibition of several powder diffraction companies and poster sessions where scientists and students can present their work. There will be (limited) bursaries for young foreign visitors and a poster prize for young scientists who are encouraged to present their work and extend their network. The day will be concluded with a tour through the canals of Amsterdam and a conference dinner at the IJ-river.
The event is organized by the Dutch Crystallographic Society and the TU Delft and we aim to celebrate the anniversaries of the two major events that made diffraction a standard technique for scientists around the world. The Debye-Rietveld Scientific Symposium is a great opportunity to keep up to date with current and future capabilities of powder diffraction and to meet-and-greet scientists in academia and industry. You and your colleagues are cordially invited to register for the Debye-Rietveld Scientific Symposium using the conference website.
We hope to see you in Amsterdam!

Kind regards,

The Debye-Rietveld organizing committee:
Lambert van Eijck
Céleste Reiss
Bram Schierbeek