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Modular aspects of mineral structures at EMC2

Dear Colleagues,
(apologies for cross-posting if you are on multiple mailing lists)

the Second European Mineralogical Conference will be held in Rimini, Italy,from 11 to 15 September, 2016. The Registration and Call for Abstracts are now open at the address


The conference proposes 42 thematic sessions. We would like to draw your attention on the session on Modular aspects of mineral structures.
Modular structures are built by modules (blocks, rods, layers) which differ either in the chemistry or in the crystallographic orientation/position.
They include polytypes and OD structures, modulated structures and superstructures, polysomatic and homologous series, cell-twins, as well as twins and epi/syntaxies. The structure-building principle allows fine tuning of both structure and chemical composition and represents one of the most outstanding mechanisms by which Nature produces a wide range of minerals from a relatively limited number of building blocks. The understanding of the features of these minerals represents a challenge both for the experimental mineralogist and for the theoretician and opens a huge horizon for crystal engineering.

Deadline for abstract submission is May 9.
We look forward to receive your contributions to this exciting topic!

Massimo Nespolo, Nancy (France)
Luca Bindi, Florence (Italy)