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International Union of Crystallography Newsletter

International Union of Crystallography Newsletter

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Volume 22, Number 1

The latest issue of the IUCr Newsletter can be viewed at

In this issue

* Letter from the President
* IUCr Journals
– IUCr Journals Open to SESAME
– Small-Angle Scattering (SAS2012) – special issue
– What’s so special about Acta Crystallographica Section C?
– Special Issue on Crystal Engineering
* IYCr2014
– Launch of the International Year of Crystallography
– Commemorative stamps
– IYCr2014 Opening Symposium in Japan
– Presentation and Answers to a Few Questions about
3D Printing of Crystallographic Models
– IYCr Down Under
* Crystallography in North America
* News from Latin America
* Crystallographic Meeting Reports
– Frontiers of Crystallography
– HEC 16
– First School of Crystallization and Polymorphism
* Awards, News and Notices
– ACA History Portal
– IUCr Ewald Prize to Janner and Janssen
– You’ve published your article; now who’s going to read it?
* Book Review
– Review of Authier’s “Early Days of X-ray Crystallography”
* Editorial
* Future Meetings
– Start planning your travel to Montreal today!
* Crystallographic Meetings Calendar

Past issues can be viewed at

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Meet Jonathan Agbenyega, IUCr business development manager
at the ACA meeting, May 24-28, Albuquerque, NM


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