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ED-XPD Workshop

Cari soci,

vi inoltro un messaggio di Lynne MsCusker sull’organizzazione di un workshop che riguarda lo studio di materiale policristallino attraverso la combinazione di tecniche di diffrazione elettronica e di diffrazione da polveri. All’indirizzo riportato qui sotto troverete la prima circolare del workshop


Annalisa Guerri


Dear Colleagues,

Xiaodong Zou, Wei Wan and I are organizing a workshop focusing on the combination of electron and powder diffraction techniques for the structure analysis of polycrystalline materials from June 6-10 at Stockholm University. We are taking advantage of the
fact that Christian Baerlocher and I are here at Stockholm University as visiting professors at the moment, so only one of the six lecturers (Lukas Palatinus) needs to be flown in for the event. The young researchers and PhD students in the Department of Materials and Environmental Chemistry will help with the demonstrations and practical sessions. This means that
we can keep the registration fee relatively low.

We will concentrate on solving a crystal structure from 3D ED data and then completing and refining it with XPD data, but the overlap of the two approaches (solving with XPD and refining with ED) will also be covered.

Could we ask you to disseminate the information about the school to the people in your group/institute/department/company who might be interested?
Some student bursaries are available (deadline for application: April 4).

Many thanks for your assistance. We hope to welcome some of your younger colleagues here in June.

Best wishes,

Dr. Lynne B. McCusker
Department of Materials
ETH Zurich
CH-8093 Zurich

E-mail: lynne.mccusker@mat.ethz.ch
ED-XPD Workshop: http://mmk.su.se/ed-xpd-workshop/