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PhD position in chemical crystallography at the University of Bern

Dear all,

a PhD position in chemical crystallography is available at the University of Bern (Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry), in the group of PD Dr. Piero Macchi.

The specific subject of the PhD thesis depends on the profile of the candidate.

The main research subjects of the group are:
a) determination and analysis of the electron density distribution in solids and correlation with materials properties;
b) determination of crystal structures at non ambient conditions,
especially at high pressure.

For both subjects, the research involves X-ray diffraction at variable pressure or temperature, using laboratory and synchrotron radiation sources, and
theoretical modeling using ab initio quantum mechanical techniques.

******The Candidate **********
The ideal candidate holds a Master of Science in Chemistry or Physics, with a strong background in solid-state physical chemistry. Previous experience
with X-ray diffraction or Computational Chemistry would be an asset, but it is not mandatory. The candidate should be fluent in English and possibly in German.

********The Position ***********
The candidate will attend the PhD School of Chemistry and Molecular Science at the University of Bern. The salary scheme is very competitive.
The position is available immediately and applications are welcome until the position is filled.

A detailed CV and names of at least two scientists for reference should be
sent to:
Piero Macchi, Laboratory of Chemical Crystallography, University of Bern,
Freiestrasse 3, CH-3012 Bern (Switzerland),
piero.macchi @dcb.unibe.ch