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Meeting on EMBL synchrotron facilities

Dear Colleague,
As you probably know, EMBL Hamburg operates an integrated infrastructure for life science applications using synchrotron radiation. The facilities are situated at the PETRA storage ring, operated by Helmholtz Research Centre DESY in Hamburg-Bahrenfeld. The ring is a dedicated low emittance synchrotron radiation facility with leading optical parameters, named PETRA III.
EMBL is responsible for maintaining and operating three undulatorbeamlines: two are dedicated to macromolecular X-ray crystallography and one to small angle X-ray scattering applications for biological material.

The Sample Preparation and Characterization (SPC) facility supports users at the beamline, and offers expertise for biological sample preparation, characterisation and crystallisation.

EMBL Hamburg (Germany) and the University of Milan (Italy) organize a half-a-day meeting to inform potential users and visitors about the synchrotron facilities at EMBL Hamburg. The workshop will be of interest for researchers, who are exploiting synchrotron radiation to examine biological structures at the molecular level for application in medical and industrial research.

The meeting will consist of five thematic presentations with ample time for questions and answers. Access and funding schemes will also be presented.

The organizers kindly invite you to attend this dissemination meeting to be held in the Department of BioSciences, University of Milan, Milan, Italy from 12:00 – 17:15 on 23rd January 2015.

The complete program about the workshop can be found at:
Attendance is free of any charge, but we ask you to register in advance (for logistic issues) at:

The meeting is open to researchers at an early stage of their career as well as group leaders. Feel free to forward this note to every colleague, who might be interested in attending.

We look forward to seeing you in Milan for discussion of the latest results, ideas and future challenges!

Yours sincerely,
Michele Cianci (EMBL Hamburg, DE)
Martino Bolognesi (University of Milan, IT)