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Crystal Food & Pharma: deadline Early Bird

Dear potential/future participant

to the 8th Workshop on Crystal Forms “Crystals in Food & Pharma”, to be held in Bologna from 14 to 16 June 2015 (starting on Sunday 14 at 2pm).

We are happy to inform you that:

Registration to the 8th Workshop on Crystal Forms “Crystals in Food & Pharma” is now open!

Early bird registration until 8th of May ! Register quickly to take advantage of reduced prices !

Please follow the link http://www.polycrystalline.it/ or directly http://website.polycloud.it/register

The final list of speakers can be found here:


which includes:

Christer Aakeröy, Luc Aerts, Alessia Bacchi, Axel Becker, Joel Bernstein, Fritz Blatter, Aurora Cruz Cabeza, Michele R. Chierotti, Simon Cottrel, Jean Doucet, Fabia Gozzo, Elizabeth Greiner, Ulrich Griesser, Bernd Hinrichsen, Peter Karpinski, Simon Lawrence, Christoph Loschen, Matteo Lusi, Jill MacAlpine, Dora Melucci, Sarah (Sally) Price, Susan Reutzel-Edens, Martin Schmidt, Consiglia Tedesco, Jacco van de Streek,

A detailed programme is published on the http://www.polycrystalline.it/ website.

Hotel details can be found at


We are looking forwards to seeing you in Bologna

Fabrizia Grepioni
Lucia Maini
Dario Braga
and PolyCrystalLine s.r.l.