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Announcement ECCG5 Fifth European Conference on Crystal Growth

Dear Colleagues,on behalf of the Crystal Growth section of Italian Association of Crystallography (AIC) and the European Network of Crystal Growth (ENCG), we cordially invite you to attend the Fifth European Conference on Crystal Growth (ECCG5), which will be held at the CNR Research Area in Bologna on 9-11 September 2015.

The aim of ECCG5 is to represent the wide variety of topics connected with Crystal Growth, with a multidisciplinary approach able to answer the demands of the society in different fields of modern life, such as microelectronics, photonics, pharmaceutical and chemical material production, healthcare and cosmetics to name few. The Conference also intends to promote the meeting of researchers coming from public and private entities and to facilitate the cooperation between academia and industry.
In conjunction with the European School on Crystal Growth 2015 (5-8 September 2015)

Session list
Session 1: Fundamentals – Nucleation and Growth Kinetics (Chair: Hans Erik Lundager Madsen)
Session 2: Theory and Modeling (Chair: Liliana Braescu)
Session 3: Product and Process Design of Pharmaceuticals and Fine Chemicals (Chair: Kevin Roberts)
Session 4: Bulk Crystal Growth (Chairs: Janis Virbulis, Ewa Talik)
Session 5: Advance in crystal growth technology (Chairs: Evgeny Zharikov, Frank Rotsch)
Session 6: Mesocrystals and Nonclassical Crystallisation / Growth of Biological Materials and Biologically- Controlled Growth (Chairs: Damir Kralj, Jaime Gómez Morales)
Session 7: In-situ Monitoring / Control of Crystal Growth Processes / Crystal morphology (Chairs: Alexander van Driessche, Carlos M. Pina)
Session 8: Epitaxial Growth – Crystal growth interfaces (Chair: Josef Novak)
Session 9: Fundamentals – Structural Defects and their characterization in Crystalline Materials (Chairs: Thierry Duffar, Bogdan Ranguelov)
Session 10: Nanostructures & Nanoporous Crystals (Chair: Florinda Costa)
Session 11: Novel materials and structures (Chairs: Peter Gille, Harri Lipsanen)

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Best regards,

Giuseppe Falini
Andrea Zappettini
ECCG5 Chairs