1st Excelsus Advanced Lectures of X-Ray Crystallography with Carmelo Giacovazzo

Excelsus Structural Solutions in collaboration with the “G. Ciamician” Chemistry Department at the University of Bologna (Prof. Lucia Maini) organizes the 1st of a series of advanced trainings addressed to a scientific industrial audience with interest in X-Ray Powder Diffraction and its applications to small organic molecular compounds.When: September 9th-12th 2015 (intensive, all day)Where: “G. Ciamician” Chemistry Department, University of Bologna – ItalyLectures topics:General crystallography: Space group symmetry; the metric matrix; the reciprocal lattice; mathematical background: the concept of convolution and Fourier Transform; mathematical model of a lattice and of a crystal; Thomson–Compton scattering; interference of scattered waves; scattering from atomic electrons, atoms, molecules; isotropic and anisotropic temperature factor; crystal diffraction: the Laue condition; the structure factor; reflection and limiting spheres; symmetry in reciprocal space: Laue groups, symmetry restricted phase reflections, systematic absences, determination of the space groups; the calculation of the electron density; crystallographic Least Squares; Single Crystal and Powder DiffractionPowder Crystallography: unit cell determination; space group determination; Full Pattern decomposition; LeBail and Pawley refinements, Direct- Patterson Methods; resolution Bias correction; direct space phasing techniques, simulated annealing, Rietveld refinements; XRPD Software Demos.Interested people should contact:Crystallography-Lectures@excels.us OR fabia.gozzo@excels.us