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New research infrastructure @ UniCal – call for proposal

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to inform you that the University of Calabria, together with the CNISM (The Italian Consortium on Physical Sciences of Matter) is happy to announce the establishment of an innovative multidisciplinary Research Infrastructure for advanced materials research on the campus of the University of Calabria. The heart of the Infrastructure is represented by the STAR SOURCE (The Southern Europe Thomson Backscattering Source for Applied Research), that is a compact hard X-ray source designed by INFN for advanced applied materials-science research.
Compared to standard synchrotron radiation facilities, STAR offers a complementary source with high X-ray energy but at lower running costs. STAR X-rays support BEAMLINES which are custom-designed to meet specific investigation methodologies and purposes.
Therefore, we are now seeking research proposals and partners so to not only upgrade the STAR source but also develop new BEAMLINES which meet the needs of a wider range of users.
The University of Calabria and CNISM are looking for proposals!

The X ray Diffraction Laboratory (LDiffraX, UNICAL) team
Prof. Giovanni De Munno
Prof. Alessandra Crispini
Dott. Donatella Armentano