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Focus group on Cryocrystallization

Cari soci,
ricevo da Giancarlo Terraneo, con preghiera di diffusione, il messaggio seguente con l’invito a partecipare ad un focus group sulla tecnica di criocristallizazione.
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Ulteriori dettagli di seguito.

Cordiali saluti,
Consiglia Tedesco


Dear friends and colleagues:

We cordially invite you to attend the focus group on in situ cryocrystallization which will be held on 7th June 2013 afternoon as satellite event of the meeting “Past, Present, and Future of Crystallography@Politecnico di Milano: From Small Molecules to Macromolecules and Supramolecular Structures”

In situ crystallization of a liquid, the subsequent determination of the molecular and crystal structure and consequently the study of intermolecular interactions is an area of contemporary interest. Nowadays it is facilitated by software controlled heating of a small zone in a capillary with an infrared laser, called optical heating and crystallization device (OHCD). It allows crystallizing liquid crystals, plastic crystals, ionic liquids, disordered crystals and compounds which form glassy states.

The focus group will consist of seminars and “hand-on” session at the OHCD. You will have the opportunity to see sample preparation, crystal growth and data acquisition for a “liquid system”.

Substances you never thought to determine the crystal structures of, can be easily crystallized.

The completed forms should be submitted to the assistant of the meeting (johanna.syvanen@chem.polimi.it) by the June 4, 2013.

Please be aware of the fact that participation is limited to 15 registered participants.

For more details see the attached flyer and visit the website www.fluorit.it.

We hope that you will be able to join us at the focus group.

Best wishes and see you soon,

Pierangelo Metrangolo, Giuseppe Resnati, Giancarlo Terraneo and Gabriella Cavallo