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Borsa di Dottorato Università di Bolzano

Inoltro (con preghiera di diffusione) il seguente messaggio di Stefano Benini per una borsa di dottorato.
Cordiali saluti,
Consiglia Tedesco

Dear All (possible candidates!),

there is a call for PhD fellowships in the framework of the multidisciplinary PhD school in



A 3 year PhD fellowship is available to a suitable candidate for one of the following projects:

Molecular characterization of the bio synthetic pathway of amylovoran, a pathogenicity factor in Erwinia amylovora

Biomolecular study of iron uptake by desferrioxamine in the plant pathogen Erwinia amylovora

the work will involve cloning of genes, protein expression, purification and crystallization and structure determination by X-ray crystallography. Proteins will be characterized using in solution techniques including NMR available through collaboration with other laboratories.

To apply to the public competition please visit the link:

there you will find the link to the official call document:

as well as the link to the pre-enrolment page:

The applications must be sent by 31 August 2012.
It is recommended that applications are completed and sent as soon as possible

If you wish to apply and want more information on the project and for informal enquiries please contact: Stefano.Benini@unibz.it

For information on how to apply please contact our secretary: Stefania.Falconi@unibz.it

Best regards

Stefano Benini, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor