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IUCr Newsletter Vol. 20, No. 1 Now Available

International Union of Crystallography Newsletter

We’ve Gone Digital

Crystallographers from around the world can now subscribe
to our digital newsletter by either updating or adding their
name to the World Directory of Crystallographers or following
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Volume 20, Number 1

The latest issue of the IUCr Newsletter can be viewed at

In This Issue

* Letter from the President
* IUCr Journal Summaries
* XXII Congress Reports
* Awards
* Crystallographic Meeting Reports
– Erice Schools of Crystallography
– 8th International School of Crystallography and
X-ray Diffraction
* Milestones
* Future Meetings
– AsCA 2012 Meeting
– ECA 2012 Meeting
– ACA 2012 Meeting

Past issues of the Newsletter can be viewed at


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