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AIC news: postodoctoral position in solid-state NMR and X-ray crystallography

Dear Colleagues,

I would appreciate it if you would make the following
advertisement available to your students and colleagues. (See also
attached.) Recognizing that there are not many students who are
experts in both solid-state NMR and crystallography, I would be
willing to consider talented candidates who have significant
expertise in one of the two fields and at least limited expertise in
the other.

Best wishes,
Mark Hollingsworth

POSTDOCTORAL POSITION AVAILABLE: A postdoctoral position is available
immediately for studies of ferroelastic and ferroelectric domain
switching, crystal growth, crystallography, phase transitions, and
molecular recognition phenomena in organic inclusion compounds and
related materials. The position requires a strong background in
researcher will be responsible for the operation and maintenance of a
300 MHz NMR instrument dedicated to solid-state experiments such as
MAS, 2H NMR, and single crystal NMR and will use his or her NMR data
in conjunction with crystallographic data to study structure and
dynamics of disordered molecular solids. The ideal applicant would
have experience with a variety of solid-state NMR experiments and
chemical crystallography. Experience and interest in organic
synthesis of labeled compounds and experience with troubleshooting
and maintenance of NMR equipment would also be very helpful. The
successful applicant will be exposed to a wide variety of techniques
in the area of solid-state chemistry. He or she will help train
graduate and undergraduate students in these techniques and must also
value working with faculty and students from diverse cultural
backgrounds. Duration of the position would be for one year with the
possibility of extension to two years. Salary will be commensurate
with experience and background. Send your CV and the names and
addresses of three references to Prof. Mark D. Hollingsworth,
Chemistry Dept., 213 CBC Building, Kansas State University,
Manhattan, KS 66506-0401; ph.: 785-532-2727, fax: 785-532-6666,
e-mail: mdholl@ksu.edu. Review of applications will commence Feb. 1,
2012, but the search will continue until the position is filled. In
accordance with Kansas Board of Regents policy, a background check is
required. Kansas State University is an Equal Opportunity Employer,
and it actively seeks diversity among its employees.

Prof. Mark D. Hollingsworth
Chemistry Department
213 CBC Building
Kansas State University
Manhattan, KS 66506-0401
ph. 785-532-2727
fax 785-532-6666
e-mail: mdholl@ksu.edu