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The Dual H-Bond Website

Riceviamo e diffondiamo.


Dear Friends.

It is a great pleasure for me to give notice of this new website (named *The
Dual Hydrogen Bond* and accessible at the address http://www.ggilli.com/) which is intended to be an *open forum* of discussion on the H-bond in general and its possible theoretical interpretations in particular.

A few words are sufficient to explain the meaning of this initiative. I started to study the H-bond more than 20 years ago together with my co-workers at the Department of Chemistry of the University of Ferrara. Over the years we had the good chance of discovering a certain number of new interesting facts that, almost inevitably, have led us to formulate a new general model of what the H-bond might be that, wanting to give it a distinctive name, has been called the *dual hydrogen bond model*(2009).

In the last few years this model has been publicized by the usual papers, books, and lectures at meetings and schools but, at the same time, I was looking for a more direct way of being connected to the H-bond people worldwide. This website is just the first answer I have imagined and I sincerely hope that, in spite of my total inexperience in the matter, it will answer the needs of an impartial discussion, far outside the usual Kuhn’s paradigms and open also to scholars without the means for attending international meetings. If you agree with this initiative, I would greatly appreciate if you could spread news of it among young people and colleagues of your research field.

With my best wishes,

Gastone Gilli

Ferrara, May 7, 2011*