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International school on Adsorption, Absorption and Crystal Growth

We are pleased to announce the “International School on Adsorption, Absorption and Crystal Growth”

which will be held April 18-23, 2010 at Palazzo Feltrinelli, Gargnano, Italy.

The School “Adsorption, Absorption and Crystal Growth” is aimed at introducing the interested people to the adsorption phenomena occurring at the interface between crystals and their surrounding mother phase (vapour, solution or melt). An important place will be given to the equilibria between an adsorbed phase on both “foreign” and “reactive” substrates.

The modification of the growth modes of crystal faces will be related to the foreign adsorption (solvent and impurities effects).
The crystal-chemical specificity of the 2D-epitaxy will be considered for the understanding of the habit change of crystals.
The kinetics of crystal nucleation and growth will be detailed according to whether the foreign adsorption remains at the crystal surface or is followed by the absorption into the crystal lattice where either usual or anomalous mixed crystals originate.

Owing to its methodological character, the School is open to the topics of the crystal growth research which concern the Materials Science, the Bio-crystallization and mineralization, the Earth Sciences and all other fields where crystallization is a key step (pharmaceuticals, scaling and water treatment, etc).
The School is of interest to graduate and post-graduate students, PhD students, post-doctorate fellows, and senior researchers (see definitions and criteria in the Registration Fees page) as well as researchers from industry.

For more information: http://www.mater.unimib.it/utenti/moret or aic-school@mater.unimib.it

The Directors of the School, Dino Aquilano and Massimo Moret