Thermodinamically unstable proteins:chance or necessity?

The registration is now open for the workshop on Thermodinamically unstableproteins:chance or necessity? to be held in Trieste between the 14th and 16th of December 2009.The aim of the workshop is to discuss why several functionally important mesophile proteins have an intrinsic low thermodynamic stability. The workshop programme brings together an international pool of scientists and covers both the theoretical and experimental aspects of the problem, ranging from bioinformatics, thermodynamics, order/disorder transitions, folding, transient complexes and cold denaturation.The workshop is organised by Annalisa Pastore, Paolo de los Rios, Pierandrea Temussi, Cristian Micheletti, Paolo Carloni, Doriano Lamba and Silvia Onesti.More details (registration, accomodation, programme, etc.) can be found on: