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PhD position in mineralogical crystallography

Dear colleagues,
I am going to have a 3-year post-doc position in mineralogical crystallography, to investigate long period polytypes of oxybiotite from the Ruiz Peak, New Mexico. The PhD will start in September-October but I have to submit the CV of a candidate as soon as possible.
Candidates must fulfil some conditions, namely:

– have got the Master degree during the academic year 2007-2008
(candidates still doing their Master are acceptable, with a letter of the supervisor), i.e. no interruption is allowed between Master and PhD.
Exceptions are allowed only for physiological pregnancy) or pathological (illness) conditions forcing the candidate to an interruption of 4 months or more, or the participation to a stage abroad (no longer than one year)
– age limit: less than 30 years old at 1st January 2008
– countries: those having signed the agreement of the European Higher
Education Area (the EU countries plus Albania, Andorra, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Bosnia-Herzegovina, Croatia, Russia, Georgia, Island, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Moldavia, Norway, Serbia-Montenegro, Switzerland, Turkish, Ukraine, Vatican).

Besides that, the candidate must have got (or get before September 2008) his/her Master with a final note equal to or higher than 12/20.

If you know a potential candidate interested in the subject and fulfilling the above conditions, please put him/her in contact with me.
The amount of the PhD grant is about 1100 euros per month (all taxes already subtracted).

Thank you in advance.

Pr Massimo Nespolo
Laboratoire de Cristallographie et de Modélisation
des Matériaux Minéraux et Biologiques (LCM3B)
UMR – CNRS 7036
Université Henri Poincaré Nancy 1
Faculté des Sciences et Techniques
BP 239, Boulevard des Aiguillettes
F54506 Vandoeuvre-lès-Nancy cedex France