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Open position: assistant professor (“Maître de Conférences”) on molecular materials and nanomaterials

The Molecular Material team of CRM2, UMR 7036 (LCM3B), is recognized for its pioneering research in crystallography of photo switchable molecular materials (see for example the invited review Z. Krist. 2008, 223, 235-249, special issue).

One of the research activities is to focuss on crystalline and/or nanocriytalline magnetic molecular materials thermo or photo excitable to produce optical storage materials.

The “Maître de Conférences” (Assistan Professor), physicist or physico-chemist with a large crystallographic background, will be in charge of elaboration, magnetic, optic and structural characterizations of these nano or film molecular magnetic materials.

Experience with synchrotron and neutron facilities is welcome.

Basic physics and physical chemistry, L1 – L2
Material sciences, M1 – M2
Crystallography, M1 – M2

IMPORTANT. In order to candidate on this position, it is necessary to have a national qualification given by the French ministry of higher education and research. Applications for qualifications are done online, via the following website: http://www.education.gouv.fr/personnel/enseignant_superieur/enseignant_chercheur/antares.htm
***Applications close on October 14, 2008, 17:00 (Paris time).***

For more informations please to not hesitate to contact the director of the laboratory,
Prof Claude Lecomte,
Claude.Lecomte@lcm3b.uhp-nancy.fr ,
phone 33 (0)383 684865 or 63, 33 (0)670 015658.

Wages (“brut”, i.e. before deduction for social contributions) for professors in France: http://www.education.gouv.fr/cid1056/maitre-de-conference.html