4th Bologna’s convention on crystal forms

Cari Soci,
vi inoltro il seguente annuncio inviatomi da Dario Braga:

Sono aperte le iscrizioni e registrazioni per la “4th Bologna’s convention on crystal forms”, organizzata insieme a PolyCrystalLine. Il meeting segue la falsariga di quella degli anni precedenti – “low cost” e interdisciplinarietà industrie-accademia.
Il programma provvisorio, gli speakers, le date e le istruzioni per iscriversi e per prenotare sono tutte sul sito


The wonderful world of crystal forms is growing as it is growing the challenge to all those involved in the preparation, characterization, production and marketing of solid crystalline materials.The workshop brings to Bologna a number of top-notch scientists from industry and academy to discuss in a friendly atmosphere issues at the frontier of this burgeoning field of research, from crystal structure prediction, to synthesis of new crystal forms, polymorph screening, solvates and co-crystals to the intellectual property issues of interest to pharma companies.

Three-days meeting organized by the group of Molecular Crystal Engineering (Prof. Dario Braga – University of Bologna) and by PolyCrystalLine s.r.l. , the spinoff company expert on crystal forms. The event is divided into an intensive course (4 June morning) and a three days workshop (4-6 June).

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Valeria Ferretti

Dr. Valeria Ferretti
Secretary of the Italian Crystallographic Association (AIC)
Chemistry Department and
Centro di Strutturistica Diffrattometrica
University of Ferrara
Via L. Borsari 46
I-44100 FERRARA (Italy)