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International Clay Conference: June 14th-20th 2009, Castellaneta Marina.

Dear Colleagues,

We are pleased to invite you to submit an abstract to session HE1 at the 14th International Clay Conference scheduled in June 14th-20th 2009 in Castellaneta Marina, near Bari, in Southeast Italy (http://www.14icc.org/ ).

The abstract deadline has been extended to January 31.

Please note that contributions to 14th International Clay Conference may be submitted for publication in a special issue of Applied Clay Science. They will pass the usual peer review process and the issue is expected to be published before the end of 2010.

With ours best wishes for the New Year, the convenors Elena Belluso (elena.belluso@unito.it) and Mickey Gunter(mgunter@uidaho.edu)

Session HE1 “Asbestos Monitoring & Analytical Methods”

Monitoring, identification, and quantification of asbestos are essential aspects of dealing with these minerals. These investigations are very important to the regulatory community because special precautions must be taken when asbestos is found in significant amounts.

Different techniques of monitoring and analysis are necessary depending on where the asbestos occurs: air, water, soils, rocks, biological materials, asbestos-containing materials and their transformation products.

Besides, for asbestos use in health-based studies it is important to apply several complementary analytical methods.

This session will: 1) present the state of the art in monitoring and techniques actually considered the most suitable for the different asbestos containing materials; 2) compare various investigation protocols; 3) exchange information about the advances in this topic; and 4) develop interdisciplinary collaborations.

Convenors: Elena Belluso (elena.belluso@unito.it) and Mickey Gunter (mgunter@uidaho.edu)