PHARE Workshop

Dear Colleague,PHARE is a modular workshop on global phase retrieval to be held in Martina Franca (Bari, Italy) on April 2009. The workshop is focused on crystallographic methods for phase determination and refinement: participants will be trained on the bases of the methods and on the latestadvances. Demonstration of the software packages will be made in computer sessions.PHARE will cover powder and small molecule crystallography as well as macromolecular area. It consists of three modules:Module 1 – Crystal structure solution and refinement from powder dataModule 2 – Macromolecular crystal structure solution via AB INITIO, SIR-MIR, SAD-MAD and MOLECULAR REPLACEMENT techniquesModule 3 – Phasing small molecules.Applicants should choose the modulus of interest.For a more complete information consult the web site Many thanksCarmelo Giacovazzo