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Symmetry and Crystallography in Turkish Art and Culture

The XXV European Crystallographic Meeting will be held from 9 to 14 August 2009 in Istanbul, Turkey.The IUCr MaThCryst commission organizes a Satellite conference on Art and Crystallography devoted to the analysis of the crystallographic aspects of Art and Culture in Turkey and neighbouring countries an regions like Middle Asia, Caucasus, Iran, Anatolia, Middle East, including carpet ornaments and kilim frames. The Satellite conference will be completed by a workshop do it yourself and a short excursion.LecturesThe provisional panel of lecturers includes renokwn experts like Hacali Necefoğlu, Şhahika Ünal, Imameddi Amiraslan and Emil Makovicky.ContactInquiries about the scientific program of the Satellite conference should be sent to Mathcryst.Commission@lcm3b.uhp-nancy.fr .