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Russian Mineralogical Society Award Call 2007 for Outstanding Scientific Publications and Textbooks

We received the following message from the IUCr Executive Secretary, Michael Dacombe.

The Chair of the Commission on Crystal Growth and Characterization of Materials has asked that the following announcement be widely distributed within the IUCr. Please note that the deadline for submission of proposals is 15 September 2007.


I have a pleasure to officially inform the Executive Committee of the IUCr that we (as the IUCr Organization) are invited by the Russian Mineralogical Society (RMS) to nominate important papers and monographs for the RMS Award 2007 for outstanding scientific publications and textbooks in the area of in mineralogy, petrology, mineralogical crystallography, economical geology and geochemistry .

The detailed rules of nominations are published at


Dr Hanna Dabkowska
Chair, Crystal Growth and Characterization Commission, International
Union of Crystallography
Research Scientist, Brockhouse Institute of Materials Research and
Department of Physics and Astronomy, McMaster University, Hamilton,

Michael H. Dacombe
Executive Secretary
2 Abbey Square
Chester CH1 2HU