5th European Charge Density Meeting in conjunction with DFG 1178

The 5th European Charge Density Meeting (in conjunction with DFG 1178), will be held in Gravedona, on the beautiful banks of the Lake of Como (Italy) between 6 and11 June 2008.The conference is organized by CNR-ISTM Milan, University of Insubria at Como, University of Milan and DFG 1178 . Registration and abstract submission will open on January 10 2008 Topics of the Keynote Lectures New directions in QTAIM and bond descriptors (A. M. Pendas, Oviedo) Chemical applications of charge density (t.b.a.) Quantum Chemistry progresses for charge density studies (R. Dovesi, Torino) Effects of extreme environments on chemical bonding (A. Oganov, Zurich) New directions in refinement (B. Dittrich) Intermolecular Interactions Part A: theory of molecular aggregation (A. Gavezzotti, Milano) Intermolecular interactions Part B: a multipolar model approach (P. Coppens, Buffalo) Charge and spin densities in materials science (t.b.a.) Charge density in the life sciences (P. Luger, Berlin) Large facilities: opportunities and challenges (B. B. Iversen, Aarhus)Topics of the Micro-SymposiaChemical bonding in extreme environments: Crystallography under high pressure or electric field (chair: U. Pietsch)Charge, Spin, and Momentum densities in Materials Science (chair: Y. Wang)Large facilities and charge density in the life sciences (chair: J. Helliwell)New functions and descriptors for chemical bonding (chair: M. Kohout)New directions in charge density refinement and density matrix reconstructions (in memory of Niels Hansen) (chair: F. Larsen)Static and dynamical aspects of charge density (chair: R.F.W. Bader.)Molecular interactions : the charge density viewpoint (chair: M. Spackman)Grants are reserved for young AIC members.