The Molecular Crystal Engineering research at the Chemistry Department of the University of Bologna and its academic spinoff company PolyCrystalLine s.r.l. organize the third edition of the “Bologna”s workshop on polymorphism” in january 2008 (tentative 31st January – 2nd February) as a follow up of the successful national meetings on crystal forms held in 2006 and 2007 in Bologna. The meeting will be organized in a one day traininng school with lectures on most relevant techniques for the investigation of crystal forms (X-ray, DSC, TGA, SSNMR, Raman, crystallization and co-crystallization techniques, screening protocols etc.), followed by a two-days scientific-industrial meeting with lectures from top notch researches from both University and Industry. Possibly, the meeting will be closed by an half-day practical course with hands-on tutorial on instrumentations at the University of Bologna. This “modular” approach will meet different needs: from those of “newcomers” and young scientists both in academia and industry who would like to understand “what is all the fuss about” multiple crystal forms and learn about solid-state methods, to R&D people and university senior researchers who would like to share views and problems and prospects on the theoretical prediction of the phenomen, on the development of new drugs and on fomulations.