International School on HP-HT Mineral Physics: Implications for Geosciences

The Italian Mineralogical National Group (GNM) is pleased to announce the Mineralogical International School “HP-HT MINERAL PHYSICS” that will be held at Bressanone (Northern Italy) in February 2008 (11-15th, at “Casa della Gioventù” of University of Padova, Italy). The aim of the school is to show how the experimental data collected on minerals under non ambient conditions (HP and HT) can be crucial in petrology, geodynamics and geophysics on a global scale. The school is directed to young researchers in mineralogy, crystallography, petrology, and geophysics and the invited speakers are among the most eminent scientists in the field. Theoretical and practical lessons are scheduled. The official language of the school will be English.Invited speakers:Ross Angel (Virginia Tech,USA) Nancy Ross (Virginia Tech, USA)Sergio Speziale (GeoForschungsZentrum, Potsdam, Germany)Jennifer Jackson (California Institute of Technology, USA)Alessandro Pavese (Università di Milano, Italy)Fernando Cámara Artigas (CNR, Italy)Paolo Ballirano (Università “La Sapienza” di Roma, Italy) Patrizia Fumagalli (Università di Milano, Italy)Paolo Nimis (Università di Padova, Italy)Taras Geyra (ETH, Zürich, Switzerland)The registration fee will be 400-450 € and will include four night accommodation and all meals and refreshments during the school as well as all social events. Grants to travel expenses will be available to young scientists. Two of them are reserved for AIC young members.A pre-registration should be done within September 10th 2007 sending the pre-registration form to The second circular with all the definitive details about the school and the registration fee will be available from 1th October 2007. Flyer of the School