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XXXV Congresso Nazionale dell”Associazione Italiana di Cristallografia

Distinguished scientists who are internationally active in the mentioned fields will participate as invited lecturers.
The meeting will consist of:

* plenary lectures (60 minutes)
* keynote contributions (30 minutes)
* short oral contributions (20 minutes)
* two poster sessions on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon

The contributions will be divided according to the different microsymposia.

The scientific board will select each contribution for oral or poster presentation on the base of the scientific relevance of the topic.

The book of abstracts of the meeting will be available to all participants.

The official written language of the conference is English.
Lectures can be delivered in English or Italian

The following Microsymposia will be presented:

Computational studies and crystallography
Crystal growth and nano-sciences
Diffractionand spectroscopy: complementary approaches in the crystal-chemical characterisation of minerals
Molecular interactions and recognition
Recent developments in powder crystallography
Structure of metal complexes in relation with chemical properties and reactivity

For more information: http://web.unife.it/convegni/aic2006/