EPDIC15 The European Powder Diffraction Conference

Bari, Italy, 12-15 June 2016

First Announcement Dear Colleagues, It is a great honour and pleasure to invite you to attend the 15th European Powder Diffraction Conference (EPDIC15), which will take place in Bari, Italy, at the Nicolaus Hotel on 12-15 June 2016. Started in 1991, EPDIC is the only European Conference completely dedicated to all aspects of the analysis of polycrystalline materials by diffraction methods. The aim of the Conference is to highlight the latest developments and achievements in the methodological, applicative and instrumental fields of powder diffraction. EPDIC15 will be a great forum that brings together scientists and instrumentation companies to discuss about progress in academic and industrial research related to powder diffraction. Online registration is now open at this page http://www.ba.ic.cnr.it/epdic15/registration/ Further information is available on the Conference web page http://www.ba.ic.cnr.it/epdic15 We are looking forward to meeting you all at EPDIC15 in Bari. contact: epdic15@ic.cnr.it; angela.altomare@ic.cnr.it; Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/epdic15/ Please find at the following link, the poster for display at your local institution. http://www.cristallografia.org/uploaded/1728.pdf With best wishes, EPDIC15 Local Organising Committee Angela Altomare Nicola Corriero Corrado Cuocci Aurelia Falcicchio Anna Moliterni Rosanna Rizzi