50° anniversario AIC

2° giornata Biocristallografia

Roma 20 gennaio 2017

L’esperimento flessibile: studi di diffrazione in condizioni non ambientali

2° workshop della Commissione Strumentazione e Calcolo – 22 febbraio 2017 – Bari

XLVI Congresso AIC

AIC International School 2017

AICS2017 "Bridging the gap between cryo-EM and crystallography" will offer the opportunity to young researchers in biochemistry or structural biology at the PhD/postdoctoral level to approach the fundamental questions arising from the cryo-EM experiment setup. Central topics will include evaluation sample suitability for analysis and its preparation, choice of appropriate instrumentation for single particle, tomography or electron diffraction approaches, data processing and interpretation of results. A showcase of recent results will contour the tutorial sessions.

Italian Crystal Growth - Materials and Methods in Crystal growth